Taxis to remain at Waverly Station

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Car Rental News - 13/08/2012


Taxis will be able to operate at Edinburgh’s Waverly Station, officials have said.

Taxis will retain the ability to operate at Edinburgh’s Waverly Station, officials have said.

The announcement came via Network Rail on Monday following previously implemented measures in which the operator said that cars of any kind, including taxis, would no longer be allowed at the station amid anti-terrorism initiatives.

But officials said on Monday that Network Rail was backing a new proposal that will see taxis retain the ability to access Waverly thanks to secure entry procedures. The system is slated to be in place by January of next year.

David Simpson, managing director of Network Rail’s Scotland operation said to reporters that the move comes in cooperation with Edinburgh Council and will allow a “controlled number” of taxis to enter the facility. He went on to say that all involved parties were “certain” that the effort would make Waverly better for all users.

Similarly, Lesley Hinds, the transport convener for Edinburgh Council, said that the Council had welcomed the proposal and agreed with Network Rail that public access to the station needed to remain in place, especially for disabled persons and for the elderly.

Reports also said that the proposal will give vehicles operated by disabled organisations access to the station. However, private vehicles will have to part in a new short-term free cark park on New Street, whilst drop-offs must be done on Market Street.

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