Car Rental News For November 2007

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01/11/2007 – A merger of two car club companies
Zipcar and Flexcar are joining forces to offer more competative car club services.

03/11/2007 – 250 car hire company complaints made in Dublin
Consumers are complaining about car hire company practice quite a bit.

12/11/2007 – Car hire brings in the bucks for Ryanair
Car hire sales have proven lucrative for budget airline Ryanair

13/11/2007 – New CEO for has a new CEO

18/11/2007 – Sixt rental car has what you need in Barcelona
Explore Barcelona with Sixt

22/11/2007 – Early snow prompts specials from easycar
Be the first to hit the slopes with easycar

26/11/2007 – Holiday makers warned to book cars early
A busy holiday season may leave some without cars unless they make their bookings quickly.

30/11/2007 – Car lease website delivers fast results
A new website brings buyers, sellers and advertisers of cars together in one place.

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