Car Rental News For May 2009

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28/05/2009 – Europcar now offer free delivery on vans and cars
For easier car rental, one hire company is now offering free delivery and pick up.

25/05/2009 – America’s very own Wacky Races
People in the USA celebrate with a number of unusual races

21/05/2009 – The state of the pound draws tourists to the UK
The recent slump in the British pound encourages tourists to visit the UK for their holidays.

18/05/2009 – Hotels have a child’s eye view
Several hotel chains and resorts are designing programs to help kids enjoy their holidays

14/05/2009 – Free rental cars from Avis
Avis give away free car rentals to small business owners.

11/05/2009 – Brit has best job in the world
British born Ben Southall won the ‘best job’ competition, hosted by Tourism Queensland

07/05/2009 – Mexico reduces alert on swine flu
Normality is slowly returning to Mexico after the swine flu outbreak.

04/05/2009 – Sky high temper tantrums
Violence and verbal abuse on aeroplanes are on the rise

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