Car Rental News For June 2009

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29/06/2009 – Celebrations curbed by cash crisis
AAA predicts that many Americans will stay at home on July 4th to save money

25/06/2009 – Sixt offer car rental bookings by iPhone
The world’s first car rental company to offer bookings for car hire by iPhone is Sixt.

22/06/2009 – Airlines still plan to go supersonic
Plans for commercial supersonic flight might be realised in 2015

18/06/2009 – School holiday prices are un-fair
The government was urged to stop tour operators raising their prices during school holidays.

15/06/2009 – Motorists must beware of new French law
Holiday makers need to know about the new French motoring law

11/06/2009 – Sun bathing instead of skiing for Brits in 2009
Brits having to choose between winter and summer holidays this year are opting for summer.

08/06/2009 – Rising cost of car rental
Looks at how car rental prices have gone up over recent years

04/06/2009 – Cornwall the place to be seen this summer
This summer a third of Brits will be heading to Cornwall for their holidays.

01/06/2009 – Passengers pay the price for lateness
Passengers who miss flights have to pay more, even when it’s not their fault

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