Car Rental News For September 2010

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30/09/2010 – Avis offering break-up fee to tempt Dollar Thrifty
Hertz rival offering Dollar Thrifty shareholders reverse termination fee.

27/09/2010 – Hertz starts limiting mileage on hire cars
Unlimited mileage car hire contracts consigned to history.

23/09/2010 – Avis sponsoring Solar Challenge
Leading car hire firm providing support as it pushes sustainability.

20/09/2010 – Traffic jams caused by both timid and aggressive motorists
Scientists say both styles of driver lie behind major traffic jams.

16/09/2010 – New 3D ad for Wonderbra branded distracting safety hazard
Road safety organization says ‘enhanced’ cleavage could cause accidents.

13/09/2010 – Hertz, Dollar Thrifty set $50 merger share price
Firms speed shareholder vote, Hertz starts Advantage Rent-a-car divestiture.

09/09/2010 – UK drivers trip up over foreign motoring laws
Hundreds of UK drivers are being penalized by obscure French driving law.

06/09/2010 – AA says scrapping speed cameras is a risk to life
The AA has warned the government that turning off speed camera risks lives.

02/09/2010 – EU wants heavy taxes on UK drivers
Proposals would see huge taxes on British drivers for climate change policies.

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