Car Rental News For November 2010

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29/11/2010 – UK to block planned pan-EU speeding enforcement
The UK government will block changes that would allow for speeding fines across national borders.

25/11/2010 – UK drivers are the best fuel misers
British motorists get more miles out of a litre than anyone else in Europe.

22/11/2010 – Huge rise in parking fines leads to uproar
Councils seen as trying to squeeze yet more cash out of hard-pressed drivers.

18/11/2010 – Camera-dodging drivers face new fines
The penalty for obscuring car number plates is being doubled.

15/11/2010 – Repeat Green Transport and Car Hire Awards for Europcar
Europcar has yet again won coveted World Travel awards.

11/11/2010 – New German device stops drivers sleeping at the wheel
Scientists in Germany have created a device that can stop drivers falling asleep behind the wheel.

08/11/2010 – Fraud, teens drive record increase in insurance premium
Premiums are up by as much as a whopping 50 per cent.

04/11/2010 – New speed camera tracks five offences at one time
New camera design can capture up to five offences at the same time.

01/11/2010 – Leading car hire group supports H.R. 4175
Enterprise Holdings is backing the proposal to end local car hire excise taxes.

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