Car Rental News For January 2011

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31/01/2011 – Britain to buy £7bn of electric cars by the year 2014
A new survey forecasts a £7-billion windfall for the UK motor industry.

27/01/2011 – Enterprise leads car hire biz in sustainable construction
Enterprise Rent-A-Car launches five-year, $150 million investment programme.

24/01/2011 – Portugal and Spain offer maximum value
Price competition and exchange rates are driving value in Spain and Portugal.

20/01/2011 – Police caught 6,600 drunk drivers in December
December saw more than 200 people arrested each day for driving while on drunk or on drugs.

18/01/2011 – Debate continues over fuel stabiliser
A rift seems to have appeared between the PM and the Treasury over plans to lessen fuel cost pains.

13/01/2011 – New stealth tax, higher oil prices hit families
Amidst soaring oil prices and a new stealth tax, a tank of petrol now costs £70.

10/01/2011 – AA warns that new insurance rules threaten innocent drivers
New rules could threaten uninsured drivers, even if they don’t use their cars.

06/01/2011 – Confusing signage to be scrapped
Confusing traffic signs that cause accidents and parking problems are to be scrapped.

03/01/2011 – US safety body investigating rental cars over safety recalls
The NHTSA is probing repair rates among US hire firms.

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