Car Rental News For June 2011

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30/06/2011 – Safety worries trigger recall of 110,000 Toyota hybrid cars
Toyota is issuing recalls covering more than 110,000 of its hybrid vehicles.

27/06/2011 – Jack Straw wants auto insurance reform
Jack Straw is urging reforms in the automobile insurance industry.

23/06/2011 – BA crew support ending industrial action
Employees at British Airways are backing an agreement to settle the long-running industrial dispute.

20/06/2011 – Tourists at Holy Island keep driving into the sea
Lifeboat staff say tourists are continuing to attempt driving across a tidal causeway when it is unsafe to do so.

16/06/2011 – Investigators using DNA to identify French crash victims
French officials are to use the DNA database in a bid to help identify victims of the Air France crash

13/06/2011 – HS2 labelled ‘not necessary’
Opponents of the proposed High Speed Two rail project have repeated their claim that the link is not needed.

09/06/2011 – First ‘green’ European trains powered by solar tunnel
A revolutionary tunnel of solar panels provides power for high-speed rail services between Paris and Amsterdam.

06/06/2011 – Budget holidays lead to more school truancy
Latest research suggests half of parents risk fines by exploiting the cheap holidays available during school terms.

02/06/2011 – Law proposed to prevent rental of recalled vehicles
A US senator will introduce a bill aimed at stopping the practice to renting cars that are subject to recalls.

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