Car Rental News For July 2011

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28/07/2011 – Venice taxing tourists to pay for restoration
Tourists are helping to cover the £20 million cost of a Venice restoration project.

25/07/2011 – Hertz expands Bangladesh branch network
Hertz has opened two new branches in Dhaka’s commercial district.

21/07/2011 – Hertz rebranding its car-sharing service
US car hire giant Hertz has rebranded its Connect car sharing service.

18/07/2011 – MidEast airlines told to up ancillary revenues
Ancillary revenues offer carriers a way to supplemented depressed yields.

14/07/2011 – Enterprise adds more electric vehicles to its fleet
US car hire firm Enterprise is expanding the range of electric cars in its fleet.

11/07/2011 – Grounding of Tiger Airways could be extended
The safety grounding of Tiger Airways Australia could be extended, says that country’s aviation safety body.

07/07/2011 – Travellers to get new protection against car hire scams
Holidaymakers could soon enjoy increased security against unscrupulous practices by some car rental companies.

04/07/2011 – Prices slashed on holiday packages
Holidaymakers have their pick of big bargains on last-minute holiday packages.

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