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The Czech Republic is a great holiday location. Prague is one of the most popular cities visited by tourists but is by no means the only interesting city to visit. Only an hour from Prague is the beautiful areas of countryside in Europe. Your Czech Republic car hire will make it easier to visit one of the most interesting locations in Eastern Europe. The Central Bohemia has castles, old cities and romantic chateaux. Karlstejn castle belonged to the Roman Emperor Karel IV where he kept the crown jewels for safety. The Kokrinsko Protected Landscape Area has beautiful scenery and the Konesprusy Caves are an underground complex opened to tourists.

South Bohemia is an area full of history and culture. The whole area was inhabited by aristocratic families that took great pleasure in leaving their mark by building beautiful castles and chateaux across a rich and vivid landscape that includes reservoirs, forests and meadows.

Fishponds and reservoirs make this whole area popular with anglers and the flat terrain has made it an increasingly attractive location for cyclists as well as for cross country skiing during the winter months.

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For the health conscious traveler, West Bohemia is a must, it has the largest amount of mineral springs in the world. The three most famous spas are Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Fratiskovy Lazne and along with enjoying everything that a spa has to offer, there are opportunities to enjoy golfing, walking, and fishing, swimming and cycling in the most beautiful surroundings.

The eastern area of the Czech Republic, East Moravia, is bursting with historical buildings set in undulating countryside. The whole area is popular with families looking for adventure.

The large man made canal system at Bat a Canal is sixty kilometers long and renting a barge to travel its length is a great way to explore the area. With your Czech Republic car rental, you will be able to visit so much more and see the best of the Czech republic.