Help and Tips 1


When booking your car hire there are a number of things to consider and also certain documentation required when collecting your vehicle.

We have put together a number of useful tips and listed some of the most common questions with answers that we have received from our customers.

  1. Ensure you read the car rental companies terms and conditions on their website.
  2. Make sure you are aware of the excess required when making a claim and if you decide to reduce the excess even to zero check whether you are still liable for certain parts of the car which could include tyres and windscreens.
  3. Check that the insurance cover is enough for your entire trip, if part of your journey takes you off road or on unmade road surfaces you may not be covered.
  4. Make sure before signing that the car rental agreement and paperwork states clearly the correct ages of the drivers, what you have paid for and what is included. Also check that any additional extras ordered e.g. infant car seats have been included.
  5. When you collect your car make sure that before you drive off you have checked the vehicle for any damage and if there are marks or dents to the bodywork that these are noted by the car rental company and that you also have a copy. Also check the fuel gauge and make sure you are aware of how you must return the vehicle - whether it must be a full tank or just as much is in the tank as you take the vehicle. Don't forget then to also make a note of where the nearest petrol station is prior to your return!
  6. Please be aware that the car rental companies reserve the right to change the vehicle model to that of a similar model or upgrade you to a more expensive model if they cannot supply you with the actual model ordered.
  7. Make sure before booking your car hire that you have thought about the luggage you will have, remember many economy vehicles have limited boot space and when traveling on holiday you often have more luggage than you would normally have when at home.
  8. Ensure you keep all the car hire company's details should you be involved in an accident or have your car stolen. Also check whether you are covered for breakdown, this can of course be booked separately with leading providers including Europ Assistance.
  9. Make sure that you know where to return your car at the end of your rental period; it can often be in a different location and remember if you are at an airport location to give yourself plenty of extra time before check in to allow for the extra time taken to drop the car off. Ensure also that whenever possible you are on hand when the car is checked over to confirm its condition.
  10. After you have returned home make sure you check your credit or debit card statement to ensure that no hidden extras have been charged by the car hire company. If there are any discrepancies contact the car rental company direct or the broker that you booked through.