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Norway is often discribed as 'the land of fjords', popular for the midnight sun. It has a short but intense summer (June to August) when temperatures are mild and days are long. A Norway hire car is the best way to see Norway. The road network is extensive and well maintained and navigation is easy. Getting out to the fjords and the rivers is often only possible by Norway hire car. Northern Norway is sparsely populated and driving is often the only means of transport.

Oslo is the capital with lively nightlife, shopping and many interesting museums. The city truly comes alive in the summer months with open-air street performances and people staying up until late at night. The southern fjords are not far away and the surrounding forested hills offer plenty of natural attractions.

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Drive your Norway rental car west to the famous fjord. Sognefjord is the second longest in the world and Geirangerfjord is home to an immense and beautiful waterfall. The fjord cities live off the sea and Ålesund is also known for its Art Nouveau buildings. Molde is the city of roses and jazz, hosting the annual International Jazz Festival. The largest city here is Bergen, with its famous Fish Market and Mount Fløien. Stavanger is Norway's oil capital, it has anumber of old wooden houses in traditional style.

Central Norway is famous for its salmon rivers. In the north it has a more rocky coastline and deep forests at the Swedish border. Trondheim is the main city and the former capital. Today, it still plays a significant role as the place where the country's king is crowned. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Røros is a mining town and Norway's only mountain city, featuring around 100 timber houses.

Northern Norway is close to the Arctic Circle with stunning scenery and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Despite the northern latitude, Finnmark in the extreme north has summer temperatures of over 25°C and winter temperatures around 0°C along the coast. This isolated region is home to the indigenous Sami people, also known as Laps. They have their own culture and language and live off reindeer herding and fishing. At the end of November, the miraculous Northern Lights make their appearance, often lasting for several hours. You can see the unique blue daylight here until the end of January, when the sun returns.