Vehicle Information

Economy Vehicles

Ford Fiesta

4/5 Passengers
2 Bags; 2/4 Doors
Economy Vehicles for Hire

Compact Vehicles

Vauxhall Astra

5 Passengers
4/5 Bags; 4/5 Doors
Compact Vehicles for Hire

Intermediate Vehicles

Toyota Avensis

5 Passengers
4/5 Bags; 4/5 Doors
Intermediate Vehicles for Hire

Standard Vehicles

Volkswagen Passat

5 Passengers
5/7 Bags; 4 Doors
Standard Vehicles for Hire

Full Size Vehicles

BMW 3 Series

5 Passengers
4 Bags; 4 Doors
Full Size Vehicles for Hire

People Carriers

Ford Galaxy

7 Passengers
1/2 Bags; 5/7 Doors
People Carriers for Hire

Convertible Vehicles

Renault Megane Convertible

2/4 Passengers
2/3 Bags; 2 Doors
Convertible Vehicles for Hire

Luxury Vehicles

Mercedes E200

2/5 Passengers
2/5 Bags; 2/4 Doors
Luxury Vehicles for Hire

* Capacities vary by make and model. Please note the number of people and luggage shown is for guidance only; the total luggage space will vary based on the number of passengers within the vehicle.