Ford works to change Taurus rental car image

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Car Rental News - 12/01/2009


The Ford Motor Company says that the revival of the model is a priority for the carmaker.

After losing its hold as the best-selling car in the US over 10 years ago, the Taurus, Ford’s flagship vehicle for many years, has been re-launched.

The 2010 Taurus was unveiled at this year’s Detroit auto show. Production on the model was moved up a year to help meet consumer demand for vehicles that are more fuel-efficient. In 2008, cars outsold trucks in America for the first time since 2000.

Several years ago, the Taurus brand became known as a model only bought by rental car companies and production finally ceased in 2006. In its final year of sales, only 52,667 units were purchased – only 13 per cent of the model’s peak volume in 1992.

“It doesn’t have a shadow of a chance of becoming the top-selling car,” said auto industry analyst John Wolkonowicz, who noted that consumers want smaller and even more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Ford management says the company is responding to demand for smaller vehicles as it plans to introduce two compacts to the U.S. market that are now manufactured overseas- the Focus and the Fiesta.

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