Royalty travelling in black cabs

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Car Rental News - 01/02/2010


Queen puts the brakes on expensive travel

The Queen of England has put down her foot on the cost of transport for her family. She is now proscribing the use of the expensive fleet of chauffeur driven cars for unofficial meetings and engagements. She suggested that the family uses black cabs or other private hire firms to get them from one place to another.

This latest move by the Buckingham Palace comes after her Royal Highness personally opted for a public train to take herself to Sandringham Palace last year. This saved the taxpayer an estimated £ 57,000 because she did not request her usual private train and she may have opted to go down to the food carriage.

Staff at the palace is also being requested to use private taxi services and public transport to attend personal engagements or even consider walking in an effort to save money. It looks like the recession is also affecting the royal family or it could be a way to play down their expenses when much of the country is facing a financial crunch.

Many members of the outer Royal family have already been using private cab facilities to move around for some time now. Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s girlfriend and Lady Sarah Chatto have both used this service before. In fact, Princess Diana was one of the first members of the royal family to use a cab instead of the royal fleet. She began using private taxis after her divorce from Prince Charles to cut down expenses.

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