Car rental agenies gear up for Superbowl

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Car Rental News - 11/02/2010


Ferraris, Neras and other biggies on display

Superbowl week displays everything that is bold and impetuous about America and car renting is no exception. The world will be watching Miami next Sunday (US time) as the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints bring super stardom to the southern Babylon but it is not just the football or the players that are turning heads. Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis will be making a special appearance at the Superbowl festivities this year.

According Bruno Vargas, the manager at Players Car Rental, everybody who visits Miami wants to be a big shot which means the top of the line in luxury sports cars.

Take the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera for example; which usually retails for around $ 220,000 is yours to drive around Superbowl week for a negligible price of $ 7,200. With only 160 models ever made there are fewer than 100 on the global roads, ensuring you will feel privileged to be behind the wheel. The Nera is small change compared to the $ 15,000 per week Ferrari California 2010 – the four door convertible version.

Be cautioned, no unlimited mileage with these supercars – anything more than around 70 miles and you will be spend $ 4 per mile. If you have the cash to spare why not visit the Players’ Showroom where luxury cars lie waiting for actors, super models, musicians and sports stars to choose their bling. The entire fleet is expected to be gone by kick-off. This is the place where the cars are the stars.

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