Brits ditch cars for buses due to snow

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Car Rental News - 27/02/2010


Statistics show heavy tilts in transport trends

The transport company, Go Ahead, has said since the start of the year many drivers appear to be ditching their cars for bus travel. They are putting the style down to the brutal climate conditions that they have seen so far and saying that many Brits are using buses because the roads have been so bad. This news from the chief executive, Keith Ludeman, comes around the same time that they released their 2009 figures showing that there was drop in profits the second part of the year, but this has been put down to a diminution in government funding for their rail franchises.

Nonetheless statistics of passenger numbers were up on the previous year showing signs that more of us either thinking at ways of saving the environment by using public transport, saving money in their own wallet or even doing both. Their first half-year revenues fell by 4.5 per cent on the previous period and they announced pre-tax profits of

£1.1 billion. Not bad for a firm that has lost some government, but they will remain vigilant over the coming year and continue to make savings wherever they can. The firm feels the economy is still not stable yet and only time will tell.

Bus and rail travel is becoming more popular across the UK as services improve on some of the major routes though that comes with higher prices and at a time when they are on a shoestring budget.

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