Clock ticking on coalition government

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Car Rental News - 10/05/2010


The meter is running as the Lib Dems and the Tories attempt to form a coalition government.

The Liberal Democrats are scrambling to form a coalition government. At the top of their agenda is getting a meaningful commitment from either the Tories or Labour to implement a substantial process of electoral reform. The three main parties are already in general agreement about the need to address economic stability and reduce the huge deficit.

Several rounds of talks have been held in secret between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats are keen to boost their future chances of getting into power. The Conservatives are eager to get back in to power. However, members of both parties are unhappy at some of the compromises a coalition will entail and have threatened to derail such a partnership. In a bid to put more pressure on the Tories, the Liberal Democrats have also discussed a coalition with the Labour party.

Thursday’s general election resulted in no single party having a majority of seats in parliament. The name ‘hung parliament’ refers to the idea that it is impossible for a sitting government to get anything done unless it has a majority in parliament. Political parties are keen to offer at least the outward impression a solution is imminent, as failure to form a stable government now could have dire consequences for both the UK’s currency and its financial markets.

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