Car hire costs can bite deeper than the actual holiday itsel

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Car Rental News - 17/05/2010


Holidaymakers could spend more on car hire than on their holiday this summer.

A report by the UK's Sunday Mirror has found that British travelers risk spending more on hiring a car during their trip abroad than they spend on the rest of their holiday. The newspaper found several instances where the cost of a package trip to a typical holiday destination was outweighed by the price of renting a car for the duration of the holiday.

In its study, the Sunday Mirror used online sources to compare the cost of renting a mid-sized family car during the upcoming half-term school break with typical costs for package holidays. The newspaper found several examples of hire costs exceeding the price of online travel deals.

For example, a seven-night self-catering holiday at the Lyristis Hotel in Faliraki, Rhodes booked through Co-operative Travel would cost £284.71 per person. The price to rent a typical medium-sized family car for the holiday ranges from £205.88 to £360.75.

Weak supply of rental vehicles is being blamed for skyrocketing hire costs. Rental firms made major cuts to their fleets in the wake of the global recession. In Spain, for example, the cost of car hire has nearly doubled in two years. Industry experts forecast a huge increase in rental prices this summer as holiday demand outstrips supply.

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