Heavy snow leaves hundreds stranded overnight

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Car Rental News - 02/12/2010


Treacherous winter conditions left people stuck in cars, trucks and trains all night long.

Hundreds of people were left stranded, some of them overnight on Tuesday, in cars, trucks and trains, as heavy winter weather struck the UK. Some of the worst conditions were suffered in Kent, in the southeast of England.

Motorists, include private motorists and truck drivers, were left unable to move for hours on motorways including the M25 and the M20. The A2, another major artery in Kent, was also affected.

In the Kent town of Orpington, dozens of passengers on a train were stranded for more than nine hours, said Southeastern Trains. People were forced to resort to whatever clothing they had available in a bid to stay warm. It was not until 5.30am on Wednesday morning that passengers could escape to buses.

There are other reports that a train from London to Sussex broke down around 10.30pm on Tuesday night. With no power on the train and in total darkness, passengers were forced to walk through the snow for half a mile to find shelter at a station staff room.

At the other end of Britain, in Scotland, hundreds of people left stranded by conditions on the M90, A90 and A9 had to find refuge at a temporary rest centre in Perth.

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