Icy conditions disrupt UK road travel

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Car Rental News - 20/12/2010


The travel chaos continues, amidst yet more ice, snow and freezing rain.

Arctic conditions continue to cause travel chaos, with roads around Manchester being hit by ice, snow and freezing rains. Forecasters say temperatures in the region could hit -15°C tonight.

Though Manchester Airport remains open, there could be some disruptions for some flights. Buses in the Greater Manchester region could also be affected by the heavy conditions. Bus operator GMPTE has warned that there could be some disruption on some of its bus routes.

Authorities and motoring organizations are warning drivers to cut their speeds and use extra care as road conditions, especially on minor roads, continue to be treacherous. The Highways Agency says driving conditions are already hazardous, even before any more snow arrives.

Heavy weather in other parts of the UK and in Europe could cause problems for some flights at Manchester airport. Travellers are being warned to check with airlines before heading to the airport.

The Highways Agency has been gritting roads but with temperatures forecast to drop as low as -15°C, motorists are being warned to be extra careful. Brian Hensby, spokesman for the Highways Agency cautions that the grit does not work below -10°C and many drivers are still going too fast in the conditions.

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