Road home voted favourite drive by UK motorists

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Car Rental News - 03/02/2011


British drivers are happiest on the way home, no matter the view.

British drivers are nowhere near as keen on scenery or roads traditionally sold as attractive or engaging. Instead, the most satisfying roads are those that bring us home. This is the interesting result of a recent survey.

The survey, performed by Halfords, found that though many drivers appreciate the stunning scenery of some of Britain’s most notable beauty spots, drivers were generally happiest on their drives home. More of the drivers surveyed voted for the route home to families and partners than for some of the country’s most famous scenic routes.

Even such stirring drives as the highways that pass Stonehenge or the bracing views enjoyed on drives through the Scottish Highlands were deemed less attractive than the satisfaction of being on the way home. Less surprising was the discovery that most drivers also tended to be keen on getting home as rapidly as possible.

Of those questioned, just 18 per cent responded that spectacular views were an important factor when deciding a road was ‘good’. For many motorists (43 per cent), long, straight roads were a priority.

Many A roads have traditionally been considered the best roads for driving. However, respondents gave higher ratings for motorways like the M6, M1 and M40, which many people generally consider to be less driver-friendly.

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