New web site lets passengers check on buses

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Car Rental News - 05/09/2011


A new web site lets people in London check how long they have to wait for the next bus.

People using buses in London have a new resource to help ease the hassle of using public transport. A new web site is being tested that lets passengers check how long they will need to wait for the next bus to show up.

Some bus stops in the capital already have screens that display how many minutes remain before a bus will arrive. The system is not available at all bus stops, however.

The new web site, however, lets commuters check how long people have to wait at any of the 19,000 bus stops in London. The site is a trial feature that has been launched on the web site of Transport for London.

According to Transport for London (TfL), the live bus departures feature is scheduled to go into full service in the autumn. All bus stops in the British capital have five-digit codes that can be entered at the countdown web site to check the bus waiting times at that location.

The web site lets users save their regular stops so they can quickly check the status of buses on future visits to the site. Though the feature has not officially launched and is currently undergoing trials, an eagle-eyed member of the public spotted the new service.

The helpful new feature has quickly become a popular subject on both web blogs and the Twitter social networking service. A spokesperson for TfL said user testing of the countdown system had begun and the feature would fully launch in the autumn.

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