Locals angered by high tourist numbers at Hollywood sign

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Car Rental News - 22/09/2011


Technology is driving more and more tourists to the area and upsetting locals.

Hollywood residents have lashed out at the local blight they blame on a skyrocketing number of tourists visiting the area’s iconic hillside sign. The ‘Hollywood’ sign has always been popular with visitors but modern technology, including Google Earth and GPS devices, are making it easier than ever for tourists to head into the hills above Los Angeles for a more intimate view of the famous structure.

This has upset local residents, who are increasingly frazzled by a range of problems they blame on the rising numbers of tourists heading into their hills. People living in the Hollywood hills say more and more visitors are leaving their mark and creating a problem with their cigarette butts, litter and traffic problems.

Perhaps the greatest concern for the people who live in these hills is the increased risk of deadly brush fires caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes. Residents are also fed up with the chaos tourists are causing for traffic on the local roads, which are narrow, twisty and full of potholes.

The famous Hollywood sign has long been known around the world as perhaps the most iconic image of an area renowned for the fame and glamour of cinema. Traditionally, tourists haven’t been able to get any close to the sign, which is visible from miles away, than a couple of miles away on Hollywood Boulevard.

The increasing proliferation of GPS technology, particularly in smart phones, as well as the use of resources like Google Maps, has led to burgeoning numbers of out-of-towners being able to make their way up into the hills to take holiday photos close to the sign.

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