Motorists continue to drive despite 30 points

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Car Rental News - 20/10/2011


A new report has shown that some drivers have kept their licenses despite having as many as 32 points.

The survey, backed by insurance provider Direct Line and auto safety charity Brake, said that the UK currently allows five different people to continue driving with a total of 30 points on their license, whilst in excess of 10,000 with at least 12 points are allowed to retain the privilege. One driver from Bradford was still getting behind the wheel despite having a total of 32 points.

The numbers, which according to Brake and Direct Line were provided by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, also said that 13,449 drivers with 12 or more points had their licenses taken away, meaning that 43 per cent of drivers with 12 points or more are still allowed to drive.

Campaign director of Brake, Julie Townsend called the figures ‘appalling’ and said that the system was clearly not designed to allow this practice to happen. She said that Brake called on ministers to address the issue and added that drivers with 12 points or more being left on the road was endangering the public.

Similarly, Andy Goldby, underwriting director for Direct Line, said that letting motorists with such disrespect for the law continue to drive was communicating the wrong message.

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