Study suggests women are better at parking

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Car Rental News - 30/01/2012


A recent study has shown that female drivers may be better at parking cars than their male counterparts.

Despite common sexist stereotypes, the NCP Car Park-backed survey was based on surveillance video and has revealed that although women generally take longer to park their vehicle that they more often leave them directly in the middle of each parking bay, the company said.

The study, which was headed by professional driving instructor Neil Beeson, who has also appeared on a recent airing of the Last Chance Driving School ITV show, is one of the most comprehensive evaluations of gender differences among drivers, according to NCP.

However, Beeson said that men generally learn quicker and perform better during driving lessons but said that it appears females may be better at retaining the information. He went on to say that the results also dispute the assertion that males have keener special awareness than females.

NCP said that it deployed researchers to observe some 2,500 drivers using more than 700 car parks around the United Kingdom. Each motorist was marked in several categories allowing experts to create ‘parking coefficients’ based on each of the two sexes.

Meanwhile, Top Gear presenter James May has since disputed the results, saying that parking in the centre of a bay was only sometimes the best policy, adding that motorists should centre their vehicle based on the distances from the vehicles surrounding their own.

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