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Thailand is officially the Kingdom of Thailand and shares its borders with Burma and Laos, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. It was formerly known as Siam and has a ruling monarch, King Rama IX; the king has been the head of the House of Chakri since 1946. Thailand has roughly 64 million people, 75% of whom are from Thailand, around 14% are Chinese and 95% of the population are Buddhists.

Tourism has flourished on Thailand over the past 25 years, with different regions having undergone development for the different types of visitors that make up the millions visiting each year, more than half of whom will be returning.

Holidays catering for family groups and large golfing complexes to coastal areas popular for diving are just some of the great ways tourists are catered for in Thailand. Medical treatments are also made widely available and many people will visit the island to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures, others travel to Thailand for religious regions, keen to enhance their spiritual awareness.

One of the most popular areas of Thailand is along the Andaman Sea. This area is renowned for its most luxurious resorts which include Phuket and Krabi. Many people are familiar with Thai cuisine and eating whilst on holiday in Thailand is one of the main pleasures enjoyed by its visitors. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice and rice forms the daily staple for most of the population along with curries using a blend of five tastes including sweet and sour. Millions of visitors visit Thailand each year and although many will make their way straight to the wonderful temples and historical monuments Thailand is known for, millions will also arrive to sample the adult entertainment that Thailand offers. Although officially illegal, the red light districts are tolerated by the Thai government.

Many visitors to Thailand will make their way to Bangkok with its fabulous buildings such as the Grand Palace, which is far more than just a palace. The highly sacred Buddhist temple Wat Phra Kaew is the home of the Emerald Buddha. For those interested in recent history and the events during WWII that resulted in the film The Bridge over the River Kwai a visit to Kanchanaburi with its dedicated museums would be of interest. Chiang Mai is where many tourists head if they are on a trekking holiday. For a beach holiday, you would be spoilt for choice including the oldest beach resort at Hua Hin first popular in the 1920s and Ko Phi Phi featured in the film The Beach.