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An ideal way to see what Tunisia has to offer is by renting a Tunisia hire car and driving along its fabulous coastline. Compare Car Rental offers travellers in Tunisia cheap car hire from all the major car rental companies such as Avis and Hertz. Using our car hire comparison site is quick and easy and will offer you a car to suit your needs from economy car hire to luxury car hire options. Tunisia has a wonderfully diverse landscape that includes the Sahara desert and oases.

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Tunisia is also known officially as the Tunisian Republic in northern Africa. It shares its borders with Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean. The capital of Tunis, from where the country it gets its name is lies to the northeast. Tunisia is the home of the Sahara Desert and the Atlas mountains. One of Tunisia’s main industries is the growing of olives located within the Sahel coastal plain on the Mediterranean. The area is popular with holiday makers who enjoy what have become Tunisia’s most luxury seaside resorts and coastal towns. The area has always been an important commercial centre for Tunisia and over various occupations has become the home to some magnificent buildings such as the El-Jem amphitheatre and ribats which are old fortified Islamic monasteries.

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Another tourist draw is the Tunis Medina. A medina lies in the centre of a town and is full of old narrow streets, covered passages and alleyways full of tiny shops selling local crafts and souvenirs. The 12th century Tunis Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has some amazing souks, palaces, courtyards, gardens and cemeteries. The most famous mosque is the Zitouna which is more than one thousand years old which is also located close by to the more highbrow merchants including those selling silks and perfumes.

In the centre of Tunisia are the Tell and Saharan Atlas mountain ranges, the Aleppo pine forest and the beautiful oases of Gafsa. It is in this area that you will find one of Islam’s most important holiest cities Kairouan which is also the largest town in central Tunisia. In this historic town full of interesting ancient temples and baths is also where you can visit the wonderful Roman remains at Dougga, Sbeitla and Thuburbo Majus.