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An ideal way to see what Finland has to offer is by renting a Finland hire car. Compare Car Rental offers travellers in Finland cheap car hire from all the major car rental companies such as Avis and Hertz. Using our car hire comparison site is quick and easy and will offer you a car to suit your needs from economy car hire to luxury car hire options. Finland is the land of the midnight sun and home to Father Christmas, it is popular with cruise liners and eco tourists.

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Finland is officially called the Republic of Finland in Northern Europe. It shares a border with Sweden, Norway, Russia to the east and Estonia to the south. Finland is home to approximately 5.5 million people with around one million living in the greater Helsinki area which includes the capital city.

Finland enjoys a semi continental climate during the summer months but has freezing winter conditions with Lapland in the north of Finland experiencing extreme cold weather with winters lasting for almost 7 months with snow on the ground for 6 of those months.

Finland is known for its midnight sun, this is due to the fact it lies within the Arctic Circle and in the very far north the sun does not set for 73 days and in the winter it does not rise for 51 days.

Tourism is a big industry for Finland, Finland enjoys a very positive reputation with visitors who see the country as being environmentally interesting and a unique location to visit. More than 4 million visitors visited Finland and many will have gone to experience its fantastic landscape and coastal locations.

Many take the opportunity to cruise along the coast taking in thriving ports in the Baltic region including Helsinki, Tallinn and further afield to Stockholm. Much of the country, 85% of the total landmass, is covered with pine forests, lakes and national parks of which there are 35. It is a great place to visit if you enjoy outdoor pursuits such as Nordic skiing or walking, golf, fishing and kayaking. One of Finland’s most visited attractions is the home of Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas who lives in Lapland.