Delays continue on the A3 motorway

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Car Rental News - 09/10/2007


Undergroud tunnel planed for 2011

The Devil's Punchbowl area will be suited with a new underground tunnel to ease traffic flow by 2011, which will be accompanied by major roadworks in the area. Though it may be tempting to skirt the place totally instead of risking traffic jams, drivers a advised not to do so, and to encourage them to stay on the motorway, portable message signs have been installed to inform drivers of the roadwork status.

The signs that flank the A3 motorway at Hindhead have been installed and will give updated information to help drivers make informed decisions about their possible alternate routes when considering the construction zone. The Highways Agency said the signs were installed last Thursday at the crossroads between the A3 and the A287 junction at the Hindhead roadwworks. It's this junction that is sought to repair to ease congestion between Portsmouth and London.

The project that the Devil's Punchbowl tunnel is part of will have a total cost of £371 million, and will take 4 miles of the A3 highway underground.

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