Construction to begin on Ironbridge Gorge

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Car Rental News - 10/10/2007


Roadsigns to direct traffic through construction zone

Travellers thinking of driving across Ironbridge Gorge have no doubt noticed that for the last seven months crossing the bridge has been impossible, a victim of slippage in the walls around it. A temporary road is being built in Jackfield, which it is hoped will help the situation of connecting the two sides.

The road is expected to cost £50,000 and will open by the early days of next month, after £3 million has already been spent to keep the Ironbridge stable after a 2003 report stated that the bridge could be under threat of collapse due to the state of the rock walls it rests on.

Telford and Wrekin Council said it would take an additional £3 million to get the second phase of the Lloyds Head area work finished and traffic moving through again. The temporary road will allow at least local residents and traders easier access to their homes and places of business. "It's been like living at the end of a close, at a dead end," said a local landlady.

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