Study finds foreign car hire frustrating

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Car Rental News - 08/05/2008


Which? Holiday magazine said rentals abroad are confusing

According to a new study in a consumer watchdog magazine, renting a car abroad can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Which? Holiday magazine said that travelers can be driven to distraction with the difficulties of hiring cars abroad.

The magazine found serious gaps in the insurance coverage provided as part of the car-hire fees charged by agencies abroad. Although the majority of companies require some form of insurance, the policies offered by the car hire companies could leave travelers paying as much as £1,000 themselves if they are in an accident.

The cost of a damage waiver was as much as £80, according to the study. Although the waiver reduces the driver’s liability, it can also be purchased at a reduced cost from a separate insurer, according to Which? Holiday.

Most insurance policies offered by the car hire company do not cover some forms of damage, many of which are common. Damage ot the windscreen, for example, is often not covered, nor is damage to the wheels or roof.

The magazine also found that travellers who booked online and were assured a specific car often arrived to find nothing available. Many are then charged to upgrade to a suitable model.

Which? Holiday editor Lorna Cowan, said: "A bad experience with your car hire firm can ruin what should be a relaxing and enjoyable break, so make sure you read all of your car hire documents before signing anything, and question any of the terms or conditions you're not happy with.

"If the hire firm does not provide what you have paid for, they are in breach of contract so you can claim back any extra charges involved in getting what was initially promised."

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