Kayak offers new online travel cost calculators

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Car Rental News - 14/08/2008


A new online feature has been launched by kayak.com to help customers plan the cost of travel car rental.

Gas prices, which have reached record levels this year, have added significantly to the cost of travel this year, and customers are continually finding that price increases are often hidden in charges and fees.

At times, travelers are only discovering the added costs at the airline check-in counter or when returning a rental car, and find that they are paying additional charges for an extra bag or higher rates for filling up the tank on the rental car they drove on holiday.

With the goal of helping travelers avoid these and other unexpected costs, kayak.com has introduced online tools that help travelers discover the various hidden costs of travel today, so they are able to make informed choices when choosing air carriers and car rental companies.

"Higher oil prices affect travelers at every stage of their journey," noted the vice president of marketing for kayak.com, Drew Patterson.

He went on to say: "Airlines now levy fees on everything from blankets to baggage, making it difficult for travelers to budget their trip. Four dollar per gallon gas prices make rental cars a far more expensive proposition. To help consumers make sense of these changes, Kayak.com has enhanced its air and rental car search results with fee calculators and tables to expose factors that might sway the user's ultimate choice."

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