Woman robbed at Thrifty car rental office

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Car Rental News - 26/01/2009


A pair posing as customers held the manager of a rental car outlet at knifepoint in Bundaberg, Australia.

The robbers demanded cash from her before fleeing the premises.

At around 3:30pm local time yesterday afternoon, the Thrifty manager set off the alarm and stumbled into the furniture store next door on Quay Street.

Leanne Goodwin, a worker in the furniture store said that the woman had been working alone in the rental outlet at the time and was badly shaken.

“He led her to believe he was a customer,” Goodwin said, adding: “As soon as she turned away to get the paperwork, he pulled the knife on her.”

Goodwin said the robbers held her at knifepoint while rifling through her handbag and the cash register, and after the man stole an undetermined amount of cash, they both fled from the rental car office.

A spokeswoman for Thrifty commented that the outlet manager was too upset by what had happened to make any comment.

Detectives searched through the immediate area of the hold-up for the pair, around Quay Street, along the Burnett River boardwalk and in Lions Park – and then widened the search to all of the areas adjoining the central business district.

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