British tourists sue Aussie car hire firm

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Car Rental News - 02/07/2009


Three UK backpackers were seriously injured when their 4WD rolled on Fraser Island

The tourists, two men and one woman, all in their early 20s, are suing the Queensland tour operator that rented them the vehicle.

According to the claimants, Aussie Trax, the rental company, breached its own contract terms and conditions. Michael Dwyer, of Aussie Trax, says, however, that the tourists renting the 4WD vehicle were at fault.

The three claimants allege that the crash was caused by a faulty steering wheel, and that they rental operator had told them there was just a minor problem with the steering.

A lawyer representing the three backpackers said: “Soon after reporting this problem, my clients were in what could so easily have resulted in a tragic fatal accident.”

The claimants also allege that the rental operator intimidated them into paying significantly more excess on the damaged vehicle.

According to Dwyer, from Aussie Trax, the driver of the 4WD vehicle was convicted of dangerous driving in relation to the incident, which disallows any insurance claim.

Dwyer said: “He actually owes me about $26,000,” and added: “I wish they'd appear in court and pay their bills. We have a signed agreement from the driver saying he would pay me the money.”

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