Recession stalls grand plans for QE2

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Car Rental News - 06/07/2009


Plans to refurbish cruise ship the QE2 have been delayed due to lack of funds

Passengers planning to board the QE2 and looking forward to viewing the new refurbishment may have to wait a while. Last year, the 40-year-old cruise ship was taken to port in Dubai with lavish plans for a full refurbishment.

The QE2 is known to be Britain's favourite cruise ship. This mighty vessel was bought by Nakheel for £50 million by Nakheel, who immediately announced plans to turn the ship into seven-star hotel and slice off the funnel in order to create a glass penthouse. Nakheel had also announced their intentions to have the interior reworked into spas and restaurants and add a spectacular three-storey ballroom.

However, several months later work still hasn’t started and as time ticks by engineers and maintenance men are being employed keep the woodwork polished and the fabric from rotting.

According to a spokesman for Nakheel, the company are still planning the refurbishment, but are taking their time.

"Work is ongoing to maintain and preserve QE2 whilst our engineers and designers are finalising their concepts for her refurbishment," the spokesman announced in an interview. "We are using this time to thoroughly investigate the ship and ensure that any refurbishment work is done to the highest standard and in a manner that is in keeping with the considerable QE2 heritage.”

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