UK hit by heavy snowfall, air and rail services disrupted

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Car Rental News - 07/01/2010


Temperatures dip to -15C in parts of Scotland

Heavy snowfall and ice have caused many airports across the UK to close down operations and delayed rail services. Severe weather conditions across the UK have brought it to a virtual standstill.

Due to heavy snowfall and ice accumulating on runways, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester airports had to close operations earlier than usual. Many airlines have been forced to cancel their flights across airports in UK and Europe.

Scotland recently saw bouts of snow and temperatures there fell to as low as -15 degrees Celsius in some parts. Snowfall of at least twelve inches is forecasted in many parts of Southern England. Hence commuters are forewarned to be careful and expect delays as accidents and jams on motorways are predicted.

Hundreds of schools across the UK especially in northern and south west England closed doors due to severe conditions. In West Yorkshire, more than 250 schools and in Cornwall about 102 school closed down fearing worsening conditions. Rain, sleet and snow falling on already icy roads and pavements have worsened existing road conditions.

East Coast Arriva Trains Wales, Cross Country, First TransPennine Express, Northern and Scotrail and various other train operators across England have all reported big disruptions in their train schedules. The temperatures are also not expected to improve for some time now.

To preserve stock, some councils including Wales, have treated only their main routes. This is considered as a good idea because it might be a while before the warm weather hits the UK. Travelers are till then recommended to stay at home.

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