New 3D ad for Wonderbra branded distracting safety hazard

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Car Rental News - 16/09/2010


Road safety organization says ‘enhanced’ cleavage could cause accidents.

Bra makers Wonderbra have put up a 3D advertisement featuring the substantially-enhanced cleavage of a model. A leading road-safety organization says the ad is a safety hazard because it could distract drivers. This is not the first time a Wonderbra ad has caused controversy and been blamed as a cause of traffic accidents.

Wonderbra has installed a large poster near London Waterloo station to promote its new ‘Full Effect’ bra. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) says the six-metre wide ad could cause accidents. IAM spokesman Vince Yearley says the image of Btazilian model Sabraine Banado could be even more of a distraction, and thus a danger, than the last Wonderbra ad blamed for road accidents.

It was 16 years ago that Wonderbra generated a storm of controversy with its billboard ad featuring a revealing photograph of Czech model Eva Herzigova with the caption, “Hello Boys”. Despite being called one of the ten best posters of the century, the ad was blamed for causing dozens of traffic accidents.

This time around, the IAM says new enhanced 3D imagery could be an even bigger danger for road users. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says it so far is not worried about the ad but would be interested to know if it had caused any accidents.

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