Italian coastal city to ban miniskirts

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Car Rental News - 25/10/2010


People will be fined for wearing revealing clothing in public.

The Italian seaside city of Castellammare di Stabia is planning to bring in a ban on many types of clothing deemed too revealing and dangerous to public decency. The most famous item of clothing to fall under the legal restriction will be the miniskirt. The city’s mayor claims short skirts, low-cut jeans and other offending pieces of clothing are damaging social standards and behaviour.

If he has his way, Mayor Luigi Bobbio will preside over his city’s implementation of wide-ranging new powers that allow for a crackdown on various types of public behaviour. Mr Bobbio says the regulations will help to “restore urban decorum”. He says the rules will also foster better co-existence in the city.

Bobbio is a member of the People of Freedom party. The city council today votes on the proposed regulations. If they are passed, the city will be subject to a restrictive new dress code that will effectively make it illegal to wear low-cut jeans, miniskirts or anything else deemed as ‘too revealing’.

Offenders will be subject of fines ranging from 25 euros to 500 euros. In addition to the dress code, a range of public activities will also be banned. Sunbathing will be against the law, as will be playing football in public places. Swearing, too, will potentially result in penalties.

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