Govt tourism strategy to support calls for time change

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Car Rental News - 21/02/2011


The campaign to extend daylight hours should soon be boosted by government support.

The official government tourism strategy is expected to give its support for calls to extend the UK’s daylight hours. The new tourism strategy is to be released later this week.

The new tourism strategy is expected to argue that extending daylight hours in Britain is one option for helping to boost inward tourism. Supporters of so-called ‘double summertime’ say it could boost national earnings by millions of pounds.

Such a change to daylight time would see the country bring clocks one hour forward from Greenwich Mean Time for winter. In the summer, clocks would then be put forward by another hour.

The changes would see the sun rise an hour later than it does under the current regime. However, Britain’s evenings would remain light for another hour.

Sources within the UK’s Department for Culture are saying any such change will depend on agreement from devolved authorities. In Scotland, there is some opposition to the move, which would lead to darker mornings.

Supporters of the change say greenhouse gas emissions would drop by thousands of tonnes as lights go on later. Opponents argue that life would be made more difficult for farmers who are up earlier in the morning. They say traffic accident rates would also rise and travelling to school would be made more dangerous for children.

Last year, the Prime Minister voiced his willingness to consider the proposed time change. David Cameron said the change would come when people across the UK felt comfortable with it.

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