Travel to Mexico on the rise

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Car Rental News - 28/03/2011


Latest data show that more people are travelling to Mexico.

Online travel booking firm Expedia says more and more people are heading to Mexico. The trend is based on bookings through the company’s network of travel sites.

According to the booking data released by Expedia, demand for travel to the USA’s southern neighbour is on the increase. The figures show a 25-per-cent rise in bookings for Mexico in the last year.

Most of the international demand for travel to Mexico appears to be coming from people in Britain, the USA and Canada. Despite ongoing media reports of drug wars and killings in Mexico, travel demand continues to go up.

Expedia said Mexico had repeatedly shown over recent years that it is a popular pick with travellers. Based on traveller feedback, Mexico consistently ranks amongst the firm’s three top destinations.

The company’s vice president of Market Management for Latin America, Marco Taliatti, said 120 properties in Mexico had been added to the company’s select list of its best top-ranked hotels in the last year. The last 12 months has also seen the number of hotels in Mexico to partner with Expedia rise by a third.

Mexico has suffered from an expanding ‘drug war’ over recent years, with repeated reports of gruesome mass killings and attacks on groups, especially in some of the more hotly-contested towns close to the border with the USA. In some parts of the country, towns have repeatedly seen their mayors, police chiefs and other figures of authority slain or attacked.

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