Safety worries trigger recall of 110,000 Toyota hybrid cars

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Car Rental News - 30/06/2011


Toyota is issuing recalls covering more than 110,000 of its hybrid vehicles.

Japanese automaker Toyota is issuing recall notices that cover more than 110,000 of the hybrid vehicles it has produced by around the world. The recall has been prompted by worries that an issue with the vehicles’ power supply circuitry.

According to Toyota, the recalls cover hybrid Highlander and Lexus RX400h models around the world. The problem with a component in the vehicles’ power circuit could result in the vehicles stopping suddenly.

Toyota says the component, if it malfunctions, could cause a fuse to blow, disabling the power circuitry. In the last 18 months, the company, which became the world’s largest carmaker in 2007, has already recalled nearly 12 million vehicles.

The latest batch of recalls is being issued primarily in the USA, Europe and Japan. Some vehicles are also being recalled in South Korea, Australia and Canada, says Toyota.

Toyota says it has been working towards obtaining the replacement parts needed to address the problem. It says it will contact customers soon in order to have their vehicles inspected.

Some question if yet another major recall will lead to yet more questions about Toyota’s ability to maintain the quality for which it has become legendary. Industry analysts say the company is trying to make sure it nips the latest problem in the bud.

Toyota has in the past reportedly been caught claiming its vehicles had no problems, despite both customers and safety regulators reporting faults. This time, however, Toyota appears to be working hard to avoid the same thing happening.

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