Green cars hit the road

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Car Rental News - 04/02/2008


Enviromentally friendly cars get ready to hit the road.

Green Motion, the first environmentally friendly car hire company, has just begun leasing vehicles from its new branches.

According to the Transport News Network (TNN), the commercial vehicles being leased by Green Motion have some of the highest levels of fuel efficiency of any vehicle available in the UK. Citroen's C2 Enterprise 1.4 HDi van also has the lowest level of emissions compared to any car available in the country.

In addition to the C2 Enterprise van, Green Motion also has several other environmentally friendly vehicles available at their locations in Oxford, Palmers Green, North London and Milton Keynes.

In an interview with TNN, Green motion’s managing director, Richard Lowden said: "Also, as they are affordable, we can offer these vehicles to our customers at competitive rental rates, which greatly increase their appeal to our environmentally-aware customers."

This year, the company plans to open new branches in the UK as well expand its fleet from the 100 cars it owns now to a total of 2,500 vehicles.

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