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Car Rental News - 18/02/2008


The Sun compares prices of planes, trains and automobiles

A recent study by the Sun compared the cost of train, planes and automobiles and found that on many routes, renting a car can be more economical than public transportation options.

Europcar recently released figures which indicated that renting a car with them can often be cheaper than taking the train, particularly in light of recent increases in rail prices.

The rental car company claims that traveling midweek from Bath to London with a rental car could be as much as £151 cheaper than train fare, even with fuel and congestion charges.

In most cases studied by the Sun, however, for two travelers on a return journey, driving your own car proved to be the cheapest option, beating out hired cars, trains and planes in most cases. In fact, from London to Bath, the hired car option was the most expensive, costing £104.71, while the train cost £96, and driving yourself, only £46.

On the Bristol to Edinburgh route, the hired car option turned out to be the best bet. Hiring a car to make the trip costs just £120.05, while the train costs £261.

The cost of car hire was based on unlimited mileage and includes insurance, excess waiver, petrol and all other charges. An additional 50 miles were added to the estimates provided by Europcar’s estimates in order to account for sightseeing.

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