Fuel efficient rental cars continue to gain popularity

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Car Rental News - 28/07/2008


Rental car customers in Canada are seeking more fuel-efficient vehicles when making their bookings, and are staying away

Texas-based Sabre Holdings, parent company of Travelocity, has released a report that shows bookings for full-size cars and SUVs in Canada have decreased by 11 and 30 per cent, respectively, since last year at this time.

The company’s vice-president for car distribution, Stephen Fitzgerald, noted that the report also shows the demand for more fuel-efficient cars to have risen by eight per cent.

"So what that means is, to a car rental company, a compact or economy car is going to become a lot more expensive than it was because demand for those cars is greater," he said.

"It's even more difficult and expensive for many car companies to procure any quantities of hybrid vehicles because they're in demand."

A car rental customer from the UK, Dan Rogers, who had travelled to Toronto, commented that no hybrid vehicle was available when he made his booking, and that the only option available was a full-sized Ford SUV.

"Consumers are more interested in buying those cars so obviously people are going to be more interested in renting them, because you still need to put petrol in them," Rogers said.

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