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Car Rental News - 18/05/2009


Several hotel chains and resorts are designing programs to help kids enjoy their holidays

When travelling abroad as a family, one of the biggest challenges can be finding things that the children will enjoy. While adults have fun sightseeing, many children tail along in their wake, totally bored.

However, leading hotel chains and resorts are realising the need for offering activities for children, meaning that the entire family can enjoy a memorable holiday.

An example of this is the Hyatt group, who are working with locals in Arizona to offer children an insight into the diverse culture of the area. As soon as families arrive at hotels in Arizona, they are told about the special packages for children, which include the chance to learn about Arizona’s wildlife and watch Native American dancing. Children also have the chance to make bracelets from beads and their own pottery.

This child-friendly approach to tourism was started in North America and was quick to catch on all over the world, from pizza-making workshops at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in California to reassure hunts in the Four Seasons in Bora Bora to gombey dance lessons at the Fairmont hotel in Bermuda.

The great thing is about these classes is that although the whole family are invited to take part, they are fully supervised, so mum and dad can go and soak up the sun on the beach, safe in the knowledge that the kids are well looked after.

Now the entire family can get what they want from their holiday, even if they want very different things.

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