Europcar now offer free delivery on vans and cars

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Car Rental News - 28/05/2009


For easier car rental, one hire company is now offering free delivery and pick up.

Paris based Europcar is recognizing the need for easier and more cost-efficient car rentals for the UK market. Consumers are usually without transport when hiring a car and have the added expense of getting to the rental company or paying for delivery and collection.

The new service it is offering is called ‘weDeliver’ and covers every type of car from low end to high end, and also van hire. The only minimum requirements are that you hire for at least two days and are within 10 miles of a local dealer. Europcar will offer a guaranteed two-hour window to deliver from Monday to Saturday.

“We know our customers want convenience, value and a simple, no-nonsense car hire service”, said Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director for Europcar. It will be available at 152 of its 197 Europcar sites and on average there will be a location just 20 minutes from most people in the UK.

Europcar suggests that consumers, private and commercial, will be looking at new ways to be more cost effective in the motoring world, and this is a good way to start cutting costs. With recent reports showing that we are downsizing our vehicles and where possible losing that second family car, rentals for occasional usage are slowly climbing.

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