Motorists must beware of new French law

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Car Rental News - 15/06/2009


Holiday makers need to know about the new French motoring law

If you’re planning to drive through France in the next few months, make sure you take note of the new motoring law. A new piece of legislature has been released making it compulsory for those driving any four-wheeled vehicle to wear a reflective jacket.

Around twenty million tourists drive through France each year, and it is predicted that the new law will catch many people off guard, forcing them to have to pay a hefty fee to the vigilant French traffic police.

"Its worth investing in [a reflective jacket], before you leave, to ensure you don't end up with a nasty fine when you're on holiday," Neil Greig director of the Institute of Advanced Motorists told the press recently.

Before driving to any country, it is worth taking the time and trouble to find out if any new laws have been introduced and make sure you thoroughly understand all the rules of the road for that country. Thousands of serious traffic accidents and fatalities are caused each and every year by tourists failing to grasp basic road rules such as which side to drive on and overtaking procedures.

However, with a few simply precautions road trips can be a lot of fun and a great way to see a country.

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