McNiven wins Race 2 of Hetrz Mini Challenge

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Car Rental News - 15/03/2010


Dean Canto edges up a close second

Peter McNiven and V8 Supercar driver Dean Canto took the top two spots of the Race 2 of Hertz MINI Challenge. Winning his first MINI race, rooky McNiven commented that the competition between him and Canto was so close and amazing.

The Race 2 winner thanked sponsors Supercharge Batteries and Nulon, saying that his car performed very well during the event. McNiven moreover stated that his neck-to-neck race with Canto has given him a lot of knowledge about driving on the track.

Race 2 consists of eight hotly contested laps. During the final lap of the racing contest, Canto had the most lead among others only to see McNiven zoomed inside and won by a slim 0.83 seconds. While remembering what happened, Canto said that his vehicle had experienced power cut during the last turn. Despite of the incident, he was still delighted for being a second placer.

It was not all celebrations during the race however, as several drivers limped back to their pit stop with a range of damages to their vehicles due to various collisions. The first was between Dale Wood and fellow contender Brendan Cook, who regrettably did not see any racing past the first lap. As result, Wood hurtled into Cook’s car after he became unsteady.

Meanwhile, an incredible attempt by 2009 MINI Challenge superstars Chris Alajajian and Paul Stokell saw the duo immediately progress through the group and began their duel, both finishing fourth and fifth places respectively.

After today’s Race 2 MINI Challenge, Alajajian still remains the leading contender, with Stokell in second. Meanwhile, McNiven’s Race 2 win places him on the third spot.

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