EU wants heavy taxes on UK drivers

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Car Rental News - 02/09/2010


Proposals would see huge taxes on British drivers for climate change policies.

The European Union is proposing a range of hefty taxes on drivers across Europe, in a move that would see drivers in the UK hit with the same painful tariffs intended to pay for climate-change policies. Amongst the more controversial of the initiatives included in a recent policy study are road pricing and increased taxation of fuel. The EU commissioned the 99-page report, which calls for the implementation ‘aggressive’ steps to lower transport emissions. The report was produced by AEA, an energy and climate change consultancy. AEA says the report will contribute to the development of a long-term policy framework for reduction of transport emissions. The goal is to reduce emissions by 90 per cent in 2050, compared to the emissions levels of 1990.

The report has prompted complaints that existing taxes already more than pay for the costs of congestions and pollution. Opponents say the proposed taxation policies are an attack on UK sovereignty and in fact amount to little more than a cultural dislike of private transportation and the freedom it provides. Drivers in the UK have already demonstrated their opposition to road pricing. Some 1.8 million people signed an online petition against a proposal under the Labour government to introduce a road-pricing scheme.

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